Aware of how important it is for our customers to obtain reliable and reproducible results, CEBEDEAU has been engaged for many years in a quality approach aimed at customer satisfaction.  

ISO 17025 accreditation

Initially ISO 9001 certified, we have gradually evolved towards ISO 17025 accreditation. This external recognition allows us to increase our customers’ confidence in us with the assurance that our analyses are carried out by competent personnel, fully proficient at all the stages needed to satisfy our customers’ demands.

It also assures our customers that their data are processed completely objectively and confidentially.

List of accredited analyses.

Laboratory approved by the Walloon Region.

CEBEDEAU is also approved by the Walloon Region as a laboratory to provide official analyses regarding the protection of surface water. Category A and C (except AOX, EOX and POX) and restricted B category for the toxicity test (Daphnia magna).

Participation in interlaboratory tests.

In order to maintain and improve the level of performance of its staff and the methods used for analysing surface water, groundwater and wastewater samples, the CEBEDEAU laboratory takes part, several times a year, in interlaboratory tests organised by private organisations and by the benchmark laboratory in Wallonia.

Catherine Daubresse
Quality coordinator
+32 4 254 98 22