CEBEDEAU • Technical assistance to SPGE for the "NCFF" (Natural Capital Financing Facility) project

Case study

Technical assistance to SPGE for the "NCFF" (Natural Capital Financing Facility) project

The problem

The Société Publique de Gestion de l'Eau (SPGE, Public Water Management Company) is the operator responsible for coordinating the water sector and financing the urban wastewater collection and treatment sector in the Walloon Region. It is responsible for implementing the provisions of the European directives on water protection in its areas of competence.

To meet these challenges, over a period of 20 years (since its creation in 1999), it has made and financed investments up to 4 billion euros in urban wastewater collection and treatment.

The SPGE has decided to launch a study to evaluate the impact and efficiency of the investments made using "sustainable development" indicators. This task requires several skills : data processing, statistics, wastewater and surface water characterisation, sampling parameters and constraints, etc.

The project

CEBEDEAU has been commissioned by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the SPGE to develop and test a methodology for assessing the current and future impact of wastewater investments on

- Water quality of Walloon rivers

- Biodiversity;

- Various socio-economic indicators of "sustainable development".

For this occasion, CEBEDEAU has joined forces with two partners : e-biom for its expertise in environmental DNA analysis and ADSCIAN for its expertise in environmental statistics.

This 4-year project, funded by the LIFE programme, is a European first!

The result

The first results are expected in 2025.

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