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In brief

The design and operation of a water treatment plant is essential to ensure optimum efficiency. Meeting quality standards cannot be improvised. You need to master the theoretical principles of the processes and have solid experience in the field.

We provide this expertise to the operators and designers of tomorrow's plants.

Our approach

Socio-economic evolution, climate change and loss of biodiversity influence our vision of treatment: circularity, energy efficiency, frugality and nature-based solutions are at the heart of our work.

These concerns guide all our projects with our industrial and public partners. Our team supports you at each key stage of your project, taking into account your specific reality and needs.

Theory, design and calculations

The first step is to quantify the pollution to be treated by setting quality objectives. We then calculate the water treatment plant based on the sizing parameters specific to your application and consolidated by our experience. From a simple flow sheet to a complete basic design.

We also use modelling tools (WEST, GPX and others) for the design of structures, which is a valuable aid when it comes to studying different scenarios, calculating material and energy balances, comparing processes, etc.

Physico-chemical and biological treatments

Our engineers and researchers have a broad knowledge of biological and physico-chemical processes, whether in water treatment, process water treatment or wastewater treatment: biofilters, granular activated sludge, planted filters or lagoons, anaerobic digestion, filtration and membrane separation, etc.

Ask us and we will advise you in total independence if we master the technology.

Laboratory tests

Our laboratory and our ability to build small-scale pilots are a serious asset, allowing us to experimentally validate the calculation hypotheses (yield, kinetics, etc.) and the design parameters. This is an additional guarantee to ensure the reliability of the design and to prevent malfunctions.

Demonstrators design and operation

If required, we work with equipment suppliers to design demonstration units that we operate on site. This allows you to assess the effectiveness of water treatment systems as realistically as possible before they are built.

Site tests often reveal unexpected situations: unknown recurring contaminants, unsuitable equipment, unstable equilibrium and sometimes also… exceptional yields.

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