Wastewater Treatment

In recent years, CEBEDEAU has reinforced its expertise by developing and optimizing a vast panel of technologies suited to the biological treatment of urban and industrial water or water reuse. In particular, we carry out post-genomic analyses of microbial consortia in order to understand how these micro-industries adapt to external variables and manage the flow of energy and matter. The development of these microbial resources management models provides customers the opportunity to include new functions at the core of their existing (Brownfield) or future (Greenfield) facilities.

Extensives processes

We optimize extensive urban and industrial waste water treatment processes by modelling and optimising the metabolic processes involved.



Research topics

  • Lagooning
  • Vertical and horizontal flow reed planted filter


The FILTRAN® process developed by CEBEDEAU and marketed by Naturem. This process combines the advantages of unsaturated vertical flow filters and saturated horizontal flow filters into one single stage. This technology is distinct from other filters by its compactness and increased control of total nitrogen treatment.

Intensives biofilm processes

We are developing new biological wastewater treatment plants which include the control of microbial architectures (filaments, dense flocs, granules and biofilms) on the one hand, and new metabolisms (anammox, N-damo, PHA-producing strains, etc.) on the other. In particular, we put our expertise to work for our customers to intensify the treatment processes by developing granular or biofilm type multifunctional microbial architectures, characterised by the coexistence of various metabolisms (aerobic, anoxic, anaerobic).

pilote granulation


Research topics

  • Biomethanisation of water
  • Granular sludge processes (BNR, Anammox, etc.)
  • Biofilm processes (MBBR, biofilters, biodiscs, etc.)
  • Membrane processes (MBR)


The GRASS® process developed by CEBEDEAU and marketed by exelio. This technology (GRanulated Activated Sludge System) is the first to overcome the classical biological pool technology in order to produce stable granular sludge dedicated to industrial water treatment.

The MEDIX® process co-developed by CEBEDEAU and marketed by Jonh Cockerill (CMI-Balteau). This technology is based on an innovative treatment concept combining two biological stages with various metabolic niches specialising in the reduction of pharmaceutical residues

Microbial ecology & energy

Although the setting up of actions aimed towards energy efficiency are economically attractive, obstacles still limit massive implementation. Some of the reasons for this include the return on investment that is sometimes too far into the future or difficult to quantify due to the lack of data that can be used, the purification risk associated with new operating methods, the awareness among operators of these new practices, etc. CEBEDEAU is aware of this issue and has developed molecular tools (Méta+) to ensure a greater understanding of the biological malfunctions and the development of an operational management protocol that is unique and suitable to each treatment plant.



An agri-food industry - “phosphorous is eliminated without co-precipitation reactive products and energy consumption of aeration has been reduced by 30 %”.

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