Sanitary Engineering Presentation

The science of Sanitary Engineering emerged in the 19th century following major epidemics of cholera resulting from the industrialisation and urbanisation of the territory. In response, a group of engineers put forward solutions to address the health problems posed by this concentration of human activities. Sewerage systems, waste collection and then the first modern water treatment technologies were developed. Things have gradually changed since the era of the original soakaways and there is now a huge range of intensive or extensive, biological and physico-chemical treatment technologies available of which Sanitary Engineering is the noble heir. Without negating the health objective of sanitation, our art now covers the great challenges of the century, recycling, recovery, energy and the economy.

In collaboration with CEBEDEAU’s R&D and analysis laboratory, the Sanitation Engineering department has for several years been developing its experience and expertise in all areas related to sanitation for both urban and industrial water.