Administrative Assistance


From sampling to preparing the complete declaration file, we deal with all the obligations relating to the establishment of the tax on the discharge of industrial wastewater.

In addition, you benefit from an annual or quarterly report (Premium) presenting various key indicators in the form of graphs (estimate of the tax over time, impacts of each parameter, etc.).

Besides the sampling and analysis campaigns, our EASY-Tax and EASY-Tax Premium services, include:

-          Preparation of derogation applications;

-          Establishment of the complete declaration file;

-          Calculations of loadings and Pollutant Loading Units;

-          Estimate of the amount of the tax;

-          An overview of the results (Loadings, Pollutant Loading Units and trends);

-          Legislative intelligence watch.

Legislation and Environmental Permits 

For both initial applications and renewal of permits, we assist you, as independent experts, in contacts and negotiations with the authorities.


During this critical period, communications with the various authorities must not be neglected. Cebedeau provides support to you with this.

Hélène Peeters
Project Leader
+32 4 254 98 24