Specific Tests

In support of any sanitation or wastewater management project, we offer a wide range of tests carried out in our laboratories. In the same way as each use requires suitable water quality, each effluent has characteristics that are particular to the activity that generated it. Our specific tests thus allow us to assess their behaviour and to recommend appropriate treatment and recovery techniques.


Biological treatments:

  • Aerobic biodegradability - batch or continuous tests;
  • Respirometry;
  • Anaerobic biodegradability - BMP tests, pilot units;

Separation treatments:

  • Coagulation-flocculation;
  • Flotation;
  • Sedimentation;
  • Precipitation;
  • Activated carbon adsorption (grain/powder);
  • Filtration;

Redox treatments:

  • Ozonation;
  • Chlorination (Break-point);
  • Fenton reaction;
  • Chromate removal;
  • Cyanide removal

Sludge treatments:

  • Thickening;
  • Dehydration;
  • Sludge dryness limit;

Scaling and corrosivity:

  • Marble test
  • Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Potential
  • Langelier and Ryznar index
  • Corrosivity index
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Project Leader
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