CEBEDEAU • Measurement, sampling and laboratory analysis campaigns


Measurement, sampling and laboratory analysis campaigns

In brief

Do you need to carry out measurement, sampling and laboratory analyses campaigns? Our team will take care of it.

For whom

All industries (small, medium and large companies), design offices and public institutions.


  • We plan the campaigns according to your needs.
  • Our team of specialists installs the necessary equipment on your premises.
  • Sampling and measurements are carried out according to best practice.
  • Our in-house laboratory approved for water by the Walloon Region carries out the analyses.
  • We provide you with a full report.


  • To carry out mandatory campaigns related to wastewater taxation or permit-related emissions monitoring.
  • To quantify your flows as part of a diagnosis, an application for a permit, the upgrade or modification of your installation, etc.


  • You benefit from a flexible and responsive service.
  • You save time, because our team takes care of the entire organisation of the campaigns.
  • You are sure to comply with current standards.
  • You get representative results because we take your activity into account and control the entire measurement chain.

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