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For accurate and relevant processing of all water-related data.


In brief

Control of water treatment plants, measurement probes, environmental quality monitoring generate large volumes of data. The same goes for biodiversity monitoring, molecular biology, etc.

Our research centre helps you to process and interpret your data. We analyze them, define your indicators and turn them into predictive tools. Your water management becomes easier, more accurate and more efficient.

Our approach

Design of experimental plans

Every measurement has a cost. Getting the relevant information for the minimum investment is the reason for experimental designs. How many probes to install? What are the critical parameters? Should measurements be repeated? These are the questions we answer by applying the principles of DOE (Design of Experiment) or artificial intelligence.

Mathematical modelling

Modelling of treatment processes is a outstanding tool for understanding changes, sizing new installations, and optimising costs. Modelling can also be used to evaluate different scenarios or to assist in the operation of treatment plants.

We use a variety of software such as WEST® or GPSX for water treatment processes. Our experts are able to code processes and integrate innovative technologies.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Our research centre is developing expertise in artificial intelligence which allows us to develop predictive tools for the regulation and adaptation of process data. This is a promising tool for reducing GHG emissions and the energy costs of large processing facilities.

Translating data into dashboards

We set up customised IT dashboards that highlight the key parameters of your water facilities. This allows everyone in your organisation to quickly view key performance indicators (KPIs), assess trends and make the right decisions.

Among the software platforms, we often use is Power BI, with R, DAX, SQL or Python coding.

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Sampling & Analysis

A team of experienced technicians who adapt to each situation to take representative samples and analyse them with the utmost care.

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