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In brief

Do you want to track all the data related to your water treatment facilities in a simple, efficient and comprehensive way?

We develop a dynamic and customised dashboards for your plant.

For whom

All industries (small, medium and large companies), engineering companies and public operators.


  • We analyse and use all the data relating to your water treatment installations (encoded data history, online monitoring, laboratory analyses…).
  • We define customised indicators to reflect the key parameters of your plant.
  • We integrate all your data into a PowerBI dashboard that is fun and easy to use. Your data is interpreted and presented in clear and ergonomic graphs and tables.


Whenever you want to strengthen and simplify your monitoring of wastewater flow analysis and indicators.


  • You will save time in encoding and monitoring your data.
  • You will have access to accurate, dynamic reports presented according to your specific needs.
  • You can count on reliable and complete data analysis.
  • Prevent potential failures and improve the management of your assets.
  • Easily share the information.

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